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All About The Samegawa Of The Katana

All about the Samegawa of the katana

The Samegawa of a katana is the traditional wrapping material made from shark or ray skin. It is wrapped around the tsuka (handle) of the katana to provide a non-slip grip for the wielder. The samegawa is usually wrapped around a layer of tsuka-ito (silk or cotton cord) and under the tsuba (handguard) of the […]

saya of the katana

All about the Saya (scabbard) of the katana

The saya is the scabbard of the katana, the traditional Japanese sword. The saya serves as a protective sheath for the katana blade when not in use and also allows the sword to be carried safely. Materials : The saya is usually made of light wood, such as magnolia or Japanese cypress, which are both […]

seppa katana

All about the Seppa of the katana

The seppa is a small metal spacer used on both sides of the tsuba (handguard) of a katana. It serves as a buffer between the tsuba and the habaki (blade collar) to prevent wear and damage to the sword during use. Material: The seppa is usually made of brass or copper, and its shape and […]

shinogi katana

All about the shinogi & the Shinogi-ji of the katana

The shinogi is a prominent ridge that runs the length of the blade of a katana. It separates the flat sides of the blade, or hira, from the cutting edge and helps to strengthen the blade by distributing force and absorbing shock. The shinogi is one of the characteristics of the katana, as it distinguishes […]

sori katana

All about the katana Sori

The sori of a katana is the curvature of the blade from tip to base. It is an important feature of the sword, which has both functional and aesthetic significance. The sori of a katana is usually a gentle curve that starts at the tip of the blade and gradually increases towards the base. This curve […]

What Is The Yokote Of The Katana?

What is the Yokote of the katana?

The yokote of a katana is a straight line that separates the tip of the blade from the rest of the blade. It runs horizontally across the blade, perpendicular to the edge, and is one of the characteristics of the katana. The yokote is created during the forging process, where the sword maker heats the blade […]

All You Need To Know About Samurais

All you need to know about samurais

The samurai were a legendary class of warriors who played an important role in Japanese history, culture and traditions. From their rise in the 12th century to their decline in the late 19th century, the samurai left an indelible mark on Japanese society. In this article, we will explore the history, culture and traditions of […]

The best blacksmiths in Japan

Katana have been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries. They were not only weapons, but also symbols of power and status. Japanese smiths were highly skilled craftsmen who made blades that were not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will delve into the world of Japanese blacksmiths and explore […]

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