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What Is The Tameshigiri?

What is the Tameshigiri?

If you are interested in martial arts or fencing, you may have already come across the term “Tameshigiri”. But what exactly is Tameshigiri? Simply put, Tameshigiri is the Japanese art of cutting. It involves using a sharp sword, called a katana, to make precise cuts on targets made of rolled straw or bamboo.

The history of Tameshigiri

Qu’est Ce Que Le Tameshigiri ?

The tameshigiri has a rich history dating back to the feudal era in Japan. At that time, samurai warriors had to master the use of the sword, which was considered the most important weapon in their arsenal. To hone their skills, they practiced cutting on various objects, such as trees, bamboo and even in some cases directly on human bodies.

Over time, Tameshigiri evolved into a formal practice with defined techniques and objectives. Today, it is still considered an essential part of traditional Japanese martial arts training.

The Tameshigiri technique

Tameshigiri requires great skill and precision. The technique involves using a specific cutting motion, known as “Iai”, to draw the sword from its scabbard and make a single, clean cut at the target. The goal is to cut the target cleanly without damaging the sword, and to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To achieve this level of skill, Tameshigiri practitioners spend years mastering the technique and perfecting their form. They also learn how to properly maintain their swords, including sharpening and polishing them to keep them sharp.

The advantages of the practice of Tameshigiri

Qu’est Ce Que Le Tameshigiri ?

In addition to being a challenging and rewarding martial art, Tameshigiri offers a number of benefits to those who practice it. These benefits include

Improved attention and focus: Tameshigiri requires a great deal of attention and focus, which can help improve these skills in other areas of life.

Improved physical condition: Tameshigiri requires a lot of physical strength, flexibility and endurance, which can help improve overall physical condition.

Increased appreciation of Japanese culture: Tameshigiri is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and history, and its practice can deepen your appreciation and understanding of this rich tradition.


Tameshigiri is a fascinating and challenging martial art that has been practiced for centuries in Japan. Whether you are interested in martial arts, swordsmanship or simply looking for a new challenge, Tameshigiri is well worth exploring. By practicing this ancient art, you can improve your concentration, fitness and appreciation of Japanese culture, while developing a valuable new skill set.

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