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Unveiling The Weight Of A Katana: Myth Vs. Reality

Unveiling the Weight of a Katana: Myth vs. Reality

In the world of swords, few weapons possess the mystique and allure of the katana. Revered for its unparalleled craftsmanship, razor-sharp edge, and elegant design, the katana holds a special place in both history and pop culture. Among the many aspects that enthusiasts and novices alike ponder about this iconic weapon is its weight. How […]

Musashi Miyamoto, The Great Swordsman

Musashi Miyamoto, the great swordsman

A famous samurai expert in katana (shinken) swordfighting, Miyamoto Musashi is one of Japan’s most important Kenshi (grand masters of ken-jutsu), whose exploits have inspired numerous stories. He is the archetypal medieval Japanese hero. Born in 1584 in Harima province, he was the second son of Munisai Shinmen, himself a katana expert, who orphaned him […]

What Is The Kashira Of The Katana?

What is the Kashira of the katana?

In traditional Japanese sword making, the kashira is a part of the katana located at the end of the hilt (tsuka), opposite the tsuba (guard). The kashira is a decorative metal accessory that fixes the handle (tsukamaki) and counterbalances the blade. Making Kashira : The kashira is usually made of copper, brass or iron and can […]

All About The Katana Sageo

All about the katana Sageo

The sageo of a katana is a cord that is used to secure the sword to the scabbard (saya) and to carry or hang it from the waist. The sageo is usually made of a strong, durable material, such as silk or cotton, and is often decorated with intricate patterns or colors that reflect the wearer’s […]


All about the Kurigata of the katana

In traditional Japanese sword making, the kurigata is a part of the katana (tsuka) handle that is used to attach the saya (scabbard) of the sword. The kurigata is usually a small oval-shaped button or ring, made of wood or horn, attached to the end of the saya. It is usually located near the mouth of […]

All About The Mekugi

All about the Mekugi

The mekugi is a small peg made of bamboo or wood that is used to attach the sword blade to the hilt (tsuka). The mekugi is inserted into a hole in the tang of the blade and into the corresponding hole in the hilt, where it is secured by a metal pin (mekugi ana). What is […]

Qu’est Ce Que Le Menuki Du Katana ?

What is the Menuki of the katana?

The menuki is a decorative element placed on the handle (tsuka) of a katana or other Japanese sword. The menuki is usually a small ornament carved out of metal, wood or other materials such as ivory or bone. It is inserted into the hilt and is visible on the sides of the tsuka, just below […]


All about the Nakago (silk) of the katana

The nakago of a katana is the tang, the part of the blade that extends into the hilt. It is an integral part of the sword and plays an important role in determining its strength, balance and durability. Here are some essential aspects of nakago: The shape : The shape of the nakago can vary […]

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