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All about the Kurigata of the katana

In traditional Japanese sword making, the kurigata is a part of the katana (tsuka) handle that is used to attach the saya (scabbard) of the sword. The kurigata is usually a small oval-shaped button or ring, made of wood or horn, attached to the end of the saya. It is usually located near the mouth of the saya and is used to tie a cord or tassel (sageo) around the saya to secure it to the wearer’s belt.

The kurigata has several functions in addition to securing the saya. It also protects the saya from damage and wear, while providing a decorative element to the sword. The kurigata can be simple or very ornate, depending on the style of the sword and the preferences of its owner. It can be decorated with a variety of designs, such as dragons, flowers or other traditional Japanese designs.

Creating a proper kurigata requires a high level of skill and craftsmanship, as the wood or horn must be carefully shaped and polished to achieve the desired shape and balance. A well-made kurigata can enhance the overall beauty and functionality of the sword, while a poorly made kurigata can detract from its appearance and utility.

How much does a Kurigata cost?

A Kurigata made in Japan with noble materials can cost between 50 and 150 dollars.

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