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All About The Katana Sageo

All about the katana Sageo

The sageo of a katana is a cord that is used to secure the sword to the scabbard (saya) and to carry or hang it from the waist. The sageo is usually made of a strong, durable material, such as silk or cotton, and is often decorated with intricate patterns or colors that reflect the wearer’s personal style or clan affiliation.

The sageo is attached to the saya by passing one end through a small loop (kurikata) at the top of the scabbard, then wrapping it around the saya and tsuka (handle) in a specific pattern. The other end of the sageo is then tied or wrapped around the belt (obi) to hold the sword in place.

Symbolic meaning:

In addition to its function, sageo also has cultural and symbolic significance in Japanese martial arts and samurai culture. The way the sageo is tied can convey different meanings or messages, and it is often used to express respect, gratitude or allegiance to one’s teacher, clan or ancestors. Overall, the sageo is an important part of the katana and plays a significant role in both its practical use and its cultural context.

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