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What Is The Kashira Of The Katana?

What is the Kashira of the katana?

In traditional Japanese sword making, the kashira is a part of the katana located at the end of the hilt (tsuka), opposite the tsuba (guard). The kashira is a decorative metal accessory that fixes the handle (tsukamaki) and counterbalances the blade.

Making Kashira :

The kashira is usually made of copper, brass or iron and can be simple or very decorative, depending on the style of the sword and the preferences of its owner. It can be decorated with various patterns, such as dragons, flowers or other traditional Japanese designs.

Usefulness of Kashira :

While the kashira has primarily a decorative function, it can also help to improve balance and handling of the sword. The weight and shape of the kashira can be adjusted to achieve the desired balance and feel, making the sword more comfortable and effective.

Cost of a Kashira :

It is often sold in lots with the Fuchi but its value can be estimated between 10 euros and several hundred euros depending on the materials and the detail of the sculpture.

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